v1.20 (13.06.2020)

  • changed: new Kuiper Forensics-logo added
  • fixed: stubborn dll error (X-Ways)

v1.12 (31.08.2017)

  • changed: optical appearance of the user-interface

v1.11 (21.06.2017)

  • changed: adding camera-make and model as comment is now optional
  • fixed: names of the report-tables (RAW and converted RAW) were mixed

v1.10 (26.03.2017)

  • added: report-tables (freely definable) for RAW-files and converted RAW-files
  • added: license-id can now be copied to clipboard using a button in the about-dialog
  • fixed: radio-button in config was set incorrectly when manually deleting the ini-file
  • fixed: language was sometimes set to German as default and not to English
  • fixed: fixed filename, when not defined, translated to German too

v1.00 (27.02.2017)

  • initial release
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